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Brad Keller Has a Blog! 
14th-Oct-2005 03:56 pm
sg1 poke
Spread the word and this link: www.fireside-entertainment.com/blog/index.php. Fireside Entertainment's Director and Producer has his own blog.

Brad Keller is the type of PERSON who calls his fans and apologizes for a bad DVD of A Killer Within and follows up by offering to replace it. Then, he calls a few weeks later to see if it had arrived. I was so flustered by his call I was stuttering, but there he was.

I understand that Brad just saw Serenity and will be writing a small review. Go on over and comment on his blog. He seems to read the comments.

Please spread the link. The more comments the entries get, the more he'll write. He also hinted at others who might be guest writing entries. Who knows who will show up.
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